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Condition of Hire

  1. I/we have read and understood the pool rules and will comply fully. I also understand the pool hire may be terminated on the day if I/we do not fully comply with the pool rules or if the pool is being used by more swimmers than has been paid for or for a purpose which is not permitted or been agreed prior. This
  2. I confirm that I understand and accept that the fee paid for use of the facility does not include a lifeguard and that I am permitted to bring my own.
  3. I/we have read and understood the emergency evacuation procedures and what to do in an emergency
  4. I/we confirm there will be one swimming adult for every one non swimming child (5m unaided)
  5. I/we confirm anyone wearing a nappy (or within the last 3 months) will be wearing a well fitted double nappy system
  6. I/we confirm that I/we will leave the facility how we found it (including mopping up), take all rubbish away and will only stay for the allotted time
  7. I/we confirm this is a recreational booking and is not for a party
  8. I/we have declared all swimmers and will pay accordingly for their use of the pool
  9. I/we confirm we give consent for you to hold our personal information for the purposes of contacting us only in relation to this booking
  10. I/we understand that Dove Clinical Care Ltd may need to cancel and fully refund a booking due to unforeseen circumstances (this is extremely rare)
  11. I/we understand that a refund will only be offered if at least 48 hours’ notice is given. The Stripe service fee of 3% will be deducted from your refund.
  12. I/we understand that I/we are responsible for the behaviour of all persons in connection with the booking whilst they are at the property.